With the unusual spring weather this March, the Ducks have flocked early to the Lions Park in substantial numbers. And, as much as we’ve enjoyed our indoor training facility at Artopex in Granby, there’s nothing like grass, mud, a full-sized field and of course, mosquitoes to get your Duck on!

Great to see new recruits on the pitch! We’re really happy to have you. You’re all showing promise. To all you vets who have yet to make an appearance, your leadership and talent is essential to transform these eager ducklings into true Ducks. It’s time to dust off those cleats and wash those crusty socks from last season! Coach Morad is feeding us a healthy diet of technique and strategy to help us spread our wings.

As temperatures have returned to seasonal averages, practice remains at Artropex this Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

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