About Us

The Brome Lake Ducks Rugby Club plays in Knowlton, Québec (Ville de Lac Brome).

When the first team stepped onto the field in 1985, they were a motley crew of inexperienced men with no formal training in Rugby Union. The players lived by the phrase made famous by Oscar Wilde: Rugby is a game for barbarians played gentleman; but with one slight nuance, Rugby is a game for barbarians played by the unrefined. Since their debut, the Ducks have mauled and rucked their way through twenty-five seasons of game play and class competitively amongst some of Quebec’s oldest and most accomplished rugby clubs.

On the field, the Ducks are known for their uncompromising demeanor and relentless pursuit of victory. Off the field, they are a warm and inviting group ready to share in song and drink with even their most rivaled of adversaries regardless of the outcome of any match.

Committed to growing the sport of rugby in the Eastern townships, the Ducks field two sides of XV’s rugby – one men’s teams and one women’s.

When not playing rugby, the Ducks focus their efforts on community outreach programs in support of local food banks, the town’s annual Canada Day festivities, the Christmas Day parade and various other community or sporting events.