Become a Duck

The Brome Lake Ducks Rugby Club is growing! If you enjoy a fast-paced, competitive, full-contact sporting environment coupled with a jovial social component, come join our ranks!

Whether or not you have rugby experience makes no difference to us. We’ll introduce you to the game and teach you the skills in a safe, fun and exciting atmosphere.

Have questions?
Write to us at

Ready to try it out?
Come out and run with us. Visit the training & field section for details on practice times and locations.

What’s in it for you?

  • A chance to participate in an organized sport that’s gaining more and more popularity in Quebec and around the world.
  • 60+ intense practices from April to September which guarantee to get you into the best shape of your life.
  • 10 or more league games: one rugby game almost every Saturday from May through September (both home and away) with select breaks for statutory holidays.
  • The chance to compete in the New York City 7’s International Rugby Tournament.
  • Indoor fitness sessions for pre-season training.
  • A variety of social events to bond and interact with members who enjoy a club built on acceptance and mutual respect.
  • Introduction to a network of people from multiple disciplines and diverse professions.
  • The opportunity to volunteer and make a difference in the community.

Who are we looking for?

  • Men and women 18 years or older.
  • Individuals seeking to be part of a tangible association with deep roots in the Eastern townships.
  • People willing to invest a small percentage of their free time to offer support to the club’s community outreach efforts.

What should you know before registering?

  • Rugby is a full-contact sport; the risk of injury is a possibility. The Brome Lake Ducks and its Board of Directors are not liable for any injury you may sustain.
  • Each player is required to pay a $285 club membership fee which includes the cost of registration with the Fédération de Rugby du Québec and player insurance through Rugby Canada, as well as general operational costs such as equipment, team registration and officials.
  • All players must comply with the Brome Lake Ducks’ Code of Conduct.