The Brome Lake Ducks Rugby Football Club was founded in 1985 when Chris Severs, an active member of the Quebec rugby scene in Montreal, moved his family to Knowlton. After realizing the athletic melting pot of this new community, Chris decided to set up a rugby club. He began to recruit players via word of mouth while helping out with the family business, a local retail store called L.L. Brome. News spread quickly and not long afterwards, Chris registered a team with the Fédération de Rugby du Québec (FRQ).

The Ducks made their debut in May of 1985 – an away game at St. Julie. The ragged mix of beer league hockey players, Massey Vanier high school students and Bishop’s University grads took to the field. With no subs or reinforcements, the club claimed their first win over the St. Lambert Locks seconds. The taste of victory enveloped the Town of Brome Lake. By the end of the first season, the club having grown to 25 members, a side of proud Ducks asserted first place in their division and had acquired a solid following of fans and supporters. Rugby was born in the Town of Brome Lake!

A clear trend was established that season as the team travelled to Montreal, Cornwall and Ottawa.  The running joke became “Hi my name is Larry. This is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl”. No, we were not fictional characters from the popular 80’s TV show Newheart. We were just a bunch of regular guys trying to start a club in town to keep us from getting into trouble. “We” were among others, Tiny (who weighed in at a whopping 380 lbs), Gerry (a prop who drank garlic water throughout every game), Gerd (brother of Gerry), Dale and Jeff (distant cousins), Neal, and Chris. The team was rough around the edges at best but together they showed incredible drive, determination and an aptitude for the game, proven by a first place finish in the club’s opening season.

The Ducks have always celebrated their rural roots and are no longer a homogeneous group of “locals”. Once a Duck, always a Duck! Today, this heterogeneous unit draws talent from the surrounding communities of Dunham, Cowansville, Granby, Shefford, Bromont, Farnham, Sutton, Foster, Waterloo, Sherbrooke, and the Greater Montreal Area.

The club is personified by family not just on the field but on the sidelines as well. BromeLake can boast to having some the largest crowds in the FRQ league with many family members, friends, and veterans populating the sidelines at every home appearance. The game is an important part of this regional community with summer Saturdays being dubbed “Rugby Days” in Knowlton. All in attendance enjoy the harmony of this calculated team sport and all the traditions that come with the sport we love so dearly.

One of the many teams we have fielded over the years.

20121206_22320133Notable trivia and accomplishments


  • Morad Kellal accepts the lead coaching role for the Brome Lake Ducks teams to redefine their style of play.
  • Brome Lakes Ducks embark on a summer-long food drive for the Knowlton Food bank
  • Lee Hudson, plays in the U-19 Canadian Nationals.
  • Men’s 1st team looses in the semi-finals against TMR.
  • Men’s 2nd team goes 9-1 in the regular season.
  • Brome Lake Ducks host the Belgian National 7s team
  • The club volunteers at the local Canada Day event in Knowlton.


  • Women earn a social division win at provincial Quebec 7s championship
  • Men and Women return to New York City 7s where the men win the Social Division
  • Men 1st team defeated by Beaconsfield in FRQ semi-finals for Division B
  • Men’s reserves defeated by the Sherbrooke Abanakis in the quarterfinals.
  • Women’s team defeated by rivals Laval Nomades in the semi-finals for Division B.


  • The Ducks plan to mark the 25th anniversary year of the Brome Lake Ducks Rugby Club
  • Women return to the game with an almost completely new squad and start in Division B.
  • Men go undefeated in the FRQ  summer 7s tournament
  • Inauguration of the Brome Lake Ducks Thanksgiving 7s tournament.
  • Men’s reserve team is re-established


  • Brome Lake Ducks host the Belgian National 7s team


  • The Ducks win over St-Jean taking their 3rd cup and cap off a perfect season of 17 wins 0 losses. 


  • Brome Lake Men’s team win the Quebec 7s tournament
  • Brome Lake Ducks Host Belgian National 7s team
  • Brome Lake Ducks Men’s win Stefu Cup vs. St. Jean
  • Men’s team wins cup vs Trois Rivières


  • Brome Lake Men’s team wins the Quebec 7s tournament
  • Ducks – Win Stefu Cup vs Three Rivers


  • Brome Lake Ducks Host the Belgian National 7s team


  • Heather Baillie participates in the Women’s World Cup tournament in Barcelona, Spain and scores a try in a convincing 57-0 opening game for Canada vs Ireland.


  • Brome Lake Men’s team win the Quebec 7s tournament


  • Heather Baillie, former fly-half and captain of the Ducks women’s side plays for Team Canada and scores a try against France in the Canada Cup tournament.
  • Brome lake wins their first RFQ Cup over the Montreal Barbarians in St-Julie, home of the Montreal Irish.
  • Brome Lake Men’s team win the Quebec 7s tournament


  • Brome Lake win Division B at Saranac Lake Tournament


  • Brome Lake Women’s team wins the Quebec 7s tournament. Juniors lose in finals
  • Brome Lake Men’s team lose in the finals of the Quebec 7s tournament


  • Brome Lake hosts RFQ finals after an October snowfall. The Montreal Barbarians sweep all four divisions.


  • Brome Lake forms a second men’s team
  • Brome Lake Ducks return to SaranacLake and win  their division
  • Brome Lake wins its first FRQ cup in second division against the Montreal Barbarians.


  • Brome Lake loses in the FRQ Division II cup finals to the Montreal Barbarians


  • Brome Lake Ducks return to Saranac Lake


  • Rugby Snow bowl vs The Chateauguay River Rats
  • Ducks host of the Canada Day tournament
  • Brome Lake Ducks return to SaranacLake


  • Brome Lake Ducks form their first women’s 15-aside team.


  • Brome Lake travels to Saranac Lake, U.S.A for their first International Exhibition tournament.
  • Ducks host of the Canada Day tournament


  • The club plays their first season in the FRQ’s Second Division


  • The club grows to over 30 members.
  • Ducks win 1st place in Third Division for the second year in a row
  • Brome LakeRugby Club is selected to host the Canada Day Quebec vs. New England All Star Game – hundreds are introduced to rugby


  • A small group of local boys, recruited by Chris Severs, form a team and register to play rugby in the FRQ’s league and are assigned to start in the Third Division.
  • The club’s first try was scored by hooker Ian Mackenzie. Ian went on to become club president and captain in 1988, and served in this capacity for several years.
  • In its first season, the team achieves 1st place in its division.